Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finding Comfort in the Sexiest of Places...

I have always been a bit odd. Some might say the black sheep, the odd man out, or special. And I don't think they meant special in a good way.

What I have learned about myself over the years is that I needed to stop listening to the voices around me that tell me where I should find comfort.

Sure it's okay to try new things, like when someone says "Soaking in a hot bath and drinking a glass of wine will help you relax." That doesn't mean it will work for me. I tried this. My back started to hurt, and because my tub isn't really big enough for soaking my knees always get cold. Then I always either break the wine glass or end up with a wine/bath water combo that I'm not too excited about consuming.

That's not my kind of relaxing.

Someone else once recommended going to get a massage. Here's the thing. I am not a really touchy-feely person, and I like to keep my personal bubble intact. The very idea of someone oiling up my near naked body (who isn't my hubby) makes me break out in hives. I also get  bored when I am sitting still, and don't think I could lay there without, at the very least, playing a little Sims.

Again...not my idea of relaxing.

I grew up as an only child and absolutely adore my alone time. I know what works to help me relax if I just take the time to listen to what my soul needs.

You know what my soul needs? My soul needs people getting it on in the middle of a great story told with a sense of humor.

I have a few books that I always go back to when I need some time to myself. Even though I have read these books MULTIPLE times, re-reading them is like a visit with an old friend. And now that I have met these authors, these books are even more special to me.

So if you like books with humor, great story lines, and smoking hot scenes (Warning: heat level may vary based on author and your personal kink scale)

1. Bite My Fire by Mary Hughes. (yes I know she's already on th
is blog, but I love this book so suck it up.)
Nothing gets me to smile like an impromptu drunken strip tease with a laundry day bra. And the biting...oh the biting.

2. Three to Ride by Sophie Oak.
Yes, this book is about twins. I adore their very different personalities, and how one woman completes them as a trio.

And I like it when she beats them with flowers.

3. The Ghost Shrink, The Accidental Gigolo, & Poltergeist Accountant by Vivi Andrews.
I was researching mediums in stories because I was writing one and wanted to see how it was done. This is how it is done.

A case of hilarious mistaken identity and hilarious ghosts.

Those are the books I reread to the point of obsession. And being the tech nerd I am, I will usually read them with my computer on my lap, my cell at my side and the television on. It works. Don't judge. ;p

What works for you? When you want to run away from reality, where do you run to? If you read, what are some of your favorite books?

Let's fangirl out together.


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