Friday, July 25, 2014

It's About Time

After being published, readers will ask writers really difficult questions.

"How do you come up with your ideas?"

"Where do you write?"

"What will my favorite character do next?"

"Will you hit me with these flounder paddles I found on the Internet?"

Okay, so maybe not the last one, but I really wanted to use Jodi's "Fun With Flounders" tag.

Some authors have really set schedules. I know some that get up and write five to ten thousand words a day. Some of them have intricate plotting boards with highlighters and post-its. Some have book bibles where they keep track of all the secrets of their characters and some even have maps drawn of their worlds.

When I try and plot it looks something like this....

When I do manage to plot or get something settled in my brain as to how it will go, my characters give me the middle finger and take me in a completely different direction. 

I gave up trying to control the voices in my head a long time ago. I assume at some point I will be able to plot effectively, but right now, it seems like more work to write a plot that will be mocking me from my notebook when it doesn't turn out at all like those "brilliant" ideas I wrote down.

The hardest thing that I am dealing with as a published author is managing multiple projects at once. Depending on publisher there can be a significant amount of lag time between when the initial rough draft of a book gets submitted for review, and when it hits an e-reader or paper copy. 

During that lag time authors are writing another draft, editing a third, doing promo work for the books that are already out, filling out forms, writing a synopsis or two, and trolling Pinterest under the guise of "research".  Try and do all that while writing down all the voices in your head. It's not easy.

Me? I am still learning the juggling act.

My muse keeps me on my toes, and never performs when asked.  I let life carry me away a bit more than I should sometimes. But I keep my Keurig stocked, down a few cups of coffee and I get back at it...eventually.

Right now I am biting my nails while I wait to hear back about the status of my Hart Clan Hybrids book 3 from my editor. I am working on a fun project with the other Lusty Linguists that blog here, and I am looking for a home for my first attempt at Contemporary Romance. 

Will I ever be the disciplined authors I adore and admire? Will I get those time management skills that I envy? Only time will tell...but don't hold your breath. I couldn't find time to take that CPR class either, so I can't save you if you pass out.

What about you? Are you a planner and someone who always sticks to a list? Or are you someone like me who ends up accomplishing everything but what you put on your list? 

Let's chat, because I really need an excuse to stay online and refresh Twitter.



  1. Oops. I hit "enter" and it jumped and ate my comment. Hmm. Fishy.


    My coauthor plans. I don't like them, but I use them to help me stay on track and get things done. But part of the pleasure of making a schedule is to mix it up, play with it, and do something else. I get things done that way, but it's not necessarily exactly what we had planned. :)

  2. Blogger can misbehave sometimes. Sorry about that!

    I completely admire someone who works with a co-author. You have a whole level of organization and juju with that that I am in awe of.

    It must be nice to work with a planner. I often need someone to get me back on track some days.

    Thanks for visiting the blog, BTW! Off to read your post now. :D