Monday, June 16, 2014

S.L. Carpenter : NEW Lusty Linguist

Look, there are all kinds of sexy pictures all around the room.

I was invited over here to play and share some info about myself for anyone that doesn’t know who I am.

Oh look, there is a ménage picture hanging over the fireplace, ummmm, that looks a little anatomically incorrect. That or not all men are created equal. He must get light headed when aroused.

Ok, who is S.L. Carpenter?

I am a writer, artist, designer and a little bit of everything rolled into one.

Everyone knows me as Scott.

When I started writing I was asked to make a generic pen name because romance writers were leery of male writers. To me, I didn’t care because not many writers were writing erotica/romance with humor in it. Let alone midgets and rubber chickens. I love writing stories about love, sex and people finding themselves through others. Life is that way. I also try to keep things realistic. Not all women are supermodels and not all guys are beefcake, sex stud, muscular, cabana men. Except me.
The art side is me getting creative and since I tend to be a little scattered I needed more to occupy my scary brain. So I do cover art, promotional materials, and anything else authors need. I know how easy it is to spend a lot of money to make your writing dream come true. But I like to be fair and help out. Big fan of word of mouth.

Other than that I am just an average guy. I was limited to my words so I wouldn’t ramble on like a madman. Roxy and Jodi spent time with me and know I can talk a lot. Especially after a couple drinks. They are bad influences on me, don’t let them fool you.

If you have any questions, ask away.
I appreciated the women in this group asking me to join them. Not often a guy gets the opportunity to be surrounded by a group of hot women.

Take care,

S.L. Carpenter


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