Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hart Clan Hybrids GIVEAWAY!

In just a few days Book #2 in the Hart Clan Hybrid Series, Love's a Witch, will be unleashed on the unsuspecting public.

I am eternally grateful to those people who helped me along the way, and pulled me by my hair at times to get this book published.

Mary and Craig are much the same way. They were dragged kicking and screaming into each other's arms, but the whole time, they knew there was nowhere else they could ever end up than together.

Because this is book #2 I will be giving away TWO e-books to celebrate!

I will randomly choose from two comments posted below. The winners will have a choice between either of the ebooks in my Hart Clan Hybrids series.

Comment from now until Monday June 23rd at Midnight EST. I will draw the winner using, and announce the winner in the comments section of this post.

Choose from...

June 24th 2014 (Mary and Craig)


October 2013 (Amber and Jake)

I am one of those people who firmly believe in "love at first sight".  Hubby barged into my life and I realized immediately that I could never live without him. That's where my inspiration for the mating pheromones came from.

So tell you believe in "love at first sight"? Or "lust at first sight"? Or do you think true love grows over time? Or do you just wait to find that one perfect person to take a bite out of?

Let's talk love as I wait impatiently for Tuesday!



  1. I believe in lust at first sight, and even love at first sight in some cases. My husband and I were engaged three months after we started dating. It's been almost twenty years now! :)

  2. Congrats on 20 years!! And yes, lust at first sight definitely happens a lot too. ;p

  3. Love at first sight--coupled with *years* of work. I met my husband the day he walked into my high school music theory class. I thought he was the most gorgeous male I'd ever set eyes on. Then he opened his mouth and promptly got into an argument with another student, lol. After that it was years before we actually started dating and we decided we were exactly right for each other.

  4. LOL. Yeah...there is a lot of work that goes in with that love. Along with patience and some deep breathing exercises at times. ;p I never knew you met your hubby in high school! How sweet is that?

  5. Well since I only have two comments you both win! I will be contacting the winners shortly. Thanks for commenting ladies!

    And thank you for everyone who stopped by even if you didn't comment. I appreciate all the lurkers too.