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Exclusive Excerpt from Love's a Witch

In the first book of the Hart Clan Hybrids series (A Love Worth Biting For), we only hear from Amber. She is a whirlwind force, and if you've read her book, you know she would never let anyone else talk.

In book two, Love's a Witch, we get the chance to hear from both our heroine, Mary, and our hero, Craig. I have been having fun working with the male point of view. So for this excerpt lets hear from our werewolf as he is struggling to wrap his brain around what he signed up for when he declared his loyalty to a pair of hybrids.

Love's a Witch (Releases June 24th, 2014)

Jake turned to look around the doorway and peek in the window. His matemark stared at me. The guy was old-fashioned to a fault, but forgoing tradition and standard practice, he seemed happy to wear his mating on his neck like a damn female. He gave up everything for his mate. No longer with his Family, no longer in a stable home, and despite his sister taking on the Protector role for Matheo Meyers, he still had a horde of vampires that wanted his skull on a stick.

“You are the last one I want to roll around on the ground with. Just because you have a matemark doesn’t make you enough of a chick for me to enjoy that.”

Those silver eyes took careful stock of me. “Why do you do this?”

“Do what?” I guzzled some more of the cinnamon liquor. That bottle was nearing the end as well.

“Why do you belittle my mating, just because it does not follow your view of how the world should be?”

“It’s weird.” I finished that eloquent argument with a belch.

“That is a coward’s way of dismissing something he refuses to learn about or understand.”

I think the guy just called me racist. I drank more and finished the second bottle. All this talk was killing what little buzz I worked so hard for. Freaking werewolf metabolism burned through enough alcohol to kill a normal man. This was annoying.

“I just want something to make sense for a few minutes, Jake. I don’t deny anyone their happiness. And trust me, with how thin the walls have been at the last couple of hotels, I, and everyone else on the same floor, are very aware of how happy you and Amber are.” I picked up the third bottle of booze, still in its bag, and stood. Seemed I wasn’t getting out of this conversation, and talking would keep me from drinking fast enough to shut out the world. Drinking this now would be a waste.

With Jake in front we walked along the alley behind the row of brick stores. The dumpsters behind the employee entrances smelled like dead animals, spoiled food, and the air hung thick with nicotine from frequent smoke breaks.

“You are a member of this Clan because you chose to be here. Sometimes with how much you protest I wonder if you would be happier returning to the Paulson Pack.” Jake looked over his shoulder and I felt our connection waver. He would release me if I wanted to go, just like Alpha Paulson had. I wasn’t a prisoner. I wanted to be here. What Amber and Jake were creating with this Clan was important, and they needed me to keep them out of the poor house. I needed to feel useful, and I felt valuable with the Clan.

“I don’t want to leave. I just need some down time. Every time I think I have a handle on how this Clan works, every time I think I have a handle on our mission, something comes plowing out of left field.”

“Perhaps not left field, but Mary Fields is the reason for your disruption.” Jake said the words to the air in front of him as he kept walking.

I glared angry holes in the man’s back. “I can control myself, Jake. I understand she needs to be protected. Amber won’t exactly let me forget I didn’t keep my promise to keep her away from the fight that night.”

Jake stopped in his tracks. He turned and gripped my shoulders—his eyes flashed as his wolf pressed forward. “You should never apologize for saving the life of my mate. Amber may be the most stubborn woman in all of eternity, but she is my mate and the woman I love. No matter what she says, or what vulgarity might come from her mouth, know that deep down she is grateful for her life. I, even more so.”

“Don’t go getting all mushy, Hart. I get it. And…thanks.”

“I still find myself unable to stop smiling at sharing a Clan name with my mate.”

“You are such a girl.”

He socked me in the gut. Any buzz was long gone at that point. Mixing a vampire and a werewolf resulted in some serious power behind a punch.

“You should show respect. Just because you are in a mood does not give you the right to insult me.” Then he bent down over me and let his eyes flash like a wicked grey strobe light. I closed my lids to prevent from being dazzled. His chuckle chafed.

“Now who looks to be the female?”

Dammit. Being the Beta wasn’t easy. My male leader could dazzle me if he wanted to, my female leader was crazy, and although I believed in them both, neither one seemed above putting me in my place. I opened one eye and chanced a look up. Just like I had come to expect, Jake was there holding out his hand to help me up.

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