Monday, May 5, 2014

(R)T-minus-10 to Sinners party

photo credit: Zeusandhera via photopin cc
Nine days to RT in New Orleans. Nine days to the debut in-person appearance of Lust With A Laugh!

Roxy and Jodi will be IN PERSON at RT 2014.

Better yet, we're hosting a table at the Samhain's Saints and Sinners party. Although I can't understand why they put us on the Sinner's side (snort).

I'll be there in spirit -- the spirit of goodies! Books, coasters, compacts...seriously, you should go just for the swag.

Roxy's awesome tips for getting the most fun out of NOLA are here. Including why you shouldn't touch the hotel room's television remote without finger condoms, aka rubber gloves. Huh. Didn't know that one :)

I have a couple more.

  • Circle all the must-attend events on your schedule.
  • Then plan on skipping out of at least two, because, well, wild opportunities happen.
  • Best not to ask authors for signage in the restroom.
  • Exception: cover models wanting their chest autographed.
  • But do rest your weary feet on any chairs down-hall from the rest room, if available. I've had some of my most fun conversations with authors this way, including one with a NY Times author about adult skin issues. Where else would that happen?
  • Make all your pictures closeups! Not only will the subjects look better, in case of alcohol overindulgence you can remember who they are and why you took the snap from the name tags. Avoids awkward questions later :)
photo credit: Tom.Bricker via photopin cc
If you get a chance on either side, check out New Orleans. Great music, food, and history.

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