Monday, March 24, 2014

Romance Authors, and the Book Conferences They Cause Trouble in.

Two of the ladies of Lust With a Laugh will be invading New Orleans for the RT Booklover's convention.

Jodi Redford and Roxy Mews will be running around the streets of the French Quarter getting into all kinds of mischief. Mary Hughes will be there is swag and in spirit. Perhaps we can visit a voodoo shop and draw her astral ass over there to play with us. ;p

Plans are in the works for what we will have for swag, and what events we will be attending. We are signed up for the Saints and Sinners Ball hosted by our publisher, Samhain Publishing.

Jodi and Roxy are hosting a table there on the sinners side. What? You really thought we would be anywhere near the saint end of things? *snerk*

Part of the beauty of being an author is the fact that we can play with our words until they do what we want them to.  We get multiple rounds of edits, and lots of chances to change things before we put them out into the world.

In person...we have to rely on a brain-to-mouth filter that is not always great, and sometimes affected by alcohol. 

So we are making preparations to have something fun at our table.  We are going through swag pile and websites, and trying to work through all of these things to give everyone the best impression of us.  And if that's not possible, we plan to ply you with alcohol.

Are you going to New Orleans this May?  Or are you hitting up another con? And what do you want to see as swag from your favorite authors? 

Discuss and let us know. We want to bring you the best experience we can. But really...can we go wrong in New Orleans?

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