Monday, March 10, 2014

Jodi's 13 Factoids List

Hello, my lovlies! Now I know some of y’all already know me from various hangouts on the interwebs, but for those who don’t, I figured this was the perfect opportunity to introduce myself—via interpretive dance and sock puppets!!! Okay, okay, not really. But, damn, that would have been EPIC. *note to self—buy sock puppets and a gold lamé leotard bodysuit* Instead, I’ve come up with a list of mostly true factoids about yours truly.
1)    I’ve never arm-wrestled a bear. But I suspect he/she would win. Hence why I’m putting it off.
2)    I’d rather date a werewolf than a vampire. But I’d dump the werewolf for a dragon in a heartbeat.
3)    Pufferfish and goats are my spirit animals.
4)    In my mind, I’m 3 inches taller. And a unicorn. Who’s a ninja. And master yodeler. Not to be confused with Master Yoda.
5)    I’m not Master Yoda.
6)    I’m known to sneak Star Wars references in everywhere I can.
7)    My superpower is turning even the most innocent statement into something dirty.
8)    If I ever get invited to a wild game dinner I’m asking random strangers if they’ve eaten beaver.
9)    I’ve knocked my partner unconscious while playing Wii Dance Party.
10)    No one wants to be my partner in Wii Dance Party.
11)    I’m a highly skilled air guitarist.
12)    My Native American name is Runs From Zombies.
13)    My favorite food groups are bacon, chocolate, donuts, and Smirnoff.

But enough about me. It’s your turn. Tell us a little something about yourself in the comments section. In the meantime, I’ve got a bear to go wrestle. *cracks my knuckles*

Me with Gus from Vanessa Unveiled--AKA my alter ego


  1. My evil power is...Pfft. I'm so not sharing. That way when I use it you'll never know it was me. Muahahahahaha.


    1. I already know your superpower, Drea. It's the ability to crochet an army of deceptively adorable creatures that will overthrow mankind. I'm on to you, lady.

  2. How adorable, Drea! And Jodi, I can't wait to see the interpretive dance!!