Monday, March 3, 2014

How hot? *plus* Kindle giveaway

I have a confession to make. Though Biting Nixie and Bite My Fire are red-hot paranormal romances with lots of explicit action, Downbeat is a bit different.


My sex scenes are directly tied to the main characters. Nixie in Biting Nixie is a smart-mouthed punk rock musician, a hundred pound spit-fire. Elena in Bite My Fire is five-nine of long lean cop looking to get laid. Explicit is the word of the day for them.

Raquel "Rocky" Hrbek is a hundred ten pounds of hot--and doesn't know it. She's shy and undeveloped.

Until seduction master Dragan Zajicek gets hold of her. She learns lots and learns quickly and half the fun is seeing her get there.

But the explicit words Nixie and Elena might use would sound weird coming from Rocky. So I have to admit Downbeat isn't hot explicit action.

It's filled with hot, fun action. Enjoy!


Striking the right note could shatter more than their hearts.

Biting Love, Book 7
After an attack that slaughtered his family, vampire Dragan Zajicek walled off his heart and went on a sixteen-hundred-year rampage with the bad boys of history.

Now a rock star of the concert podium and master freelance spy, he’s taken the baton for a small orchestra near Chicago to investigate rumors of a monstrous, undefeatable vampire dubbed the Soul Stealer.

But it’s the lovely, unassuming Raquel “Rocky” Hrbek who mesmerizes him from the first touch of her luscious lips on her flute.

Rocky, a shy shadow scarred by middle school cruelty, is mystified as to why core-meltingly gorgeous Dragan would notice a mouse like her. As his stolen kisses draw her dangerously close to the edge of her carefully constructed comfort zone, he exposes her secret—she’s investigating the monster herself.

As their quest draws them closer together, the monster zeroes in on the woman Dragan’s rebellious heart tells him is his mate. Now they must find a way to destroy the indestructible before Rocky is utterly consumed. And Chicago is bathed in the blood of innocents.

Warning: Contains a master of seduction and symphonies, an awkward and innocent flutist, small-town humor, heart-stopping action, and an exodus to Iowa. Oh, and the cheese balls are ba-a-ack—and deadlier than ever.

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