Sunday, January 19, 2014

What is this place?

Lust With a Laugh is an idea.  There are a lot of fabulous blogs out there, and a lot of amazing people that have contributed to them. "Why the hell do we need another one?" you may ask.

Because...well...frankly, I was looking for a blog with authors who write with humor and couldn't find one. 

Some of my favorite authors write books that make me laugh out loud even as they have me squirming in my seat. These authors all have blogs, or are a part of other groups, but there isn't one blog where I can go to get updates on my favorite laugh-out-loud keyboard masters.

Now that I am starting on my own writing career, I am using a heavy dose of snark, and wanted a place to share with my other authors who have a gift for giving giggles.

So here we are. Check back for monthly updates from all of our contributors. 

This month you'll get to know a bit about each of the contributor and we hope you'll follow us and chat with us. Make sure to check out the books along the right side of the feed to find a new read.


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